The FDA Pediatric Device Consortia Grants Program currently funds five Pediatric Device Consortia (PDC). The five consortia provide a platform of experienced regulatory, business, and device development services including intellectual property advising, prototyping, engineering, laboratory and animal testing, grant writing, and clinical trial design. In addition, up to $50,000 per project is available for direct device investment.

This database gives access to all current funded and unfunded PDC activity among the five consortia. The associated PDC is listed with each project and can be used to obtain team or company contact information at the discretion of the respective PI and PDC.

National Organizations With Pediatric Device Interests

AdvaMed, the Advanced Medical Technology Association, is an international trade association that works to promote the advancement of medical technology and acts as a common voice for many medical device and digital health companies.

  • The AdvaMed Pediatric Working Group is a subgroup of AdvaMed that specifically advocates for policy that helps overcome the unique challenges of pediatric medical development.
  • AdvaMed’s Barriers to Pediatric Device Development statement to the FDA reviews barriers to pediatric device development and potential solutions.

American Academy of Pediatrics: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is a professional organization of pediatricians committed to improving the health of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults.

Children’s Hospital Association: The Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) represents more than 220 children’s hospitals nationwide, facilitating advancement through data analytics, collaborative research efforts, and dissemination of best practices in pediatrics.

Pediatric Trials Network: The Pediatric Trials Network is comprised of over 100 clinical research sites, including leading pediatric hospitals and academic institutions, providing scientific, technical, and administrative infrastructure to facilitate pediatric research.

System of Hospitals for Innovation in Pediatrics-Medical Devices (SHIP-MD) SHIP-MD aims to improve public health for children by transforming the pediatric medical device ecosystem by de-risking and accelerating developmental processes to stimulate investment and innovation in pediatric devices.

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